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Important dates
Announcement of symposium and call for abstracts
28 September 2012

Last date for abstract submission
10 February 2013

Last date for paper submission
5 June 2013

Early registration begins
26 May 2013

Final notification of acceptance of papers
1 August 2013

Last date for paper re-submission with correction
1 September 2013

Early registration ends
1 September 2013

Paper available on web-site
21 October 2013

Symposium starts
31 October 2013

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The 9th International Space Syntax Symposium will be held in two places in Seoul: the first two days at Seoul City Hall and Seoul History Museum in the city centre area, in conjunction with Seoul Urban Design 2013-international ideas competition for students cohosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government, and the last two days at Sejong University. We are planning to operate shuttle buses for your convenience, between the city hall and the museum on 1 November and also between the city hall and Sejong University on 2-3 November. All shuttle buses will start leaving at 08:15 in front of the city hall (or the Hotel President).

31 October 1 November 2-3 November
Seoul City Hall
(110 Sejongdae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul)
Seoul History Museum
(55 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Sejong University
(209 Neungdon-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul)

Below is the map showing the venues and the walking route in the city centre area. After the morning session at Seoul History Museum on 1 November, you are expected to walk, under our staff members' guidance, one of the most famous scenic alleys in Seoul to return back to Seoul City Hall (annex), where we will have lunch and panel discussion time. Seoul City Tour will start in front of the annex building immediately after the panel discussion.

Entering Korea

Korea Visas & Passports

Foreign nationals entering the Republic of Korea are generally required to have a valid passport and a Korean visa. However, many are permitted visa-free entry for a limited time under certain conditions. For detailed information, check your country in Korea Tourism Organization: Korea Visas & Passports

Invitation Letter

If you require an invitation letter in order to obtain a Korean visa, an authorisation or funding for the attending the symposium, we can provide it by email (pdf) or by surface mail (hard-copy). Just send us a request email at . and we will try to process it as soon as possible.


From Incheon International Airport to Seoul City Hall

There are several different ways to travel from Incheon International Airport to Seoul City Hall: airport limousine buses (deluxe limousine bus / standard limousine bus), taxis, Airport Railroad Express (AREX) subway, and Seoul Metropolitan subway. The fastest and the most convenient way is to take deluxe limousine buses (or KAL limousines, as they are commonly called) that go straight to major hotels and downtown in Seoul.

Deluxe Limousine Bus (KAL limousine)

Boarding Platform: 4B or 11A
Route: Incheon Int'l Airport ⇒ Hotel Koreana ⇒ Hotel Plaza(Seoul City Hall)
Journey Time: 70 min.
Fare: 15,000 KRW


Boarding Platform: 4D, 5C~8C
Route: Incheon Int'l Airport ⇒ Seoul City Hall
Journey Time: 70 min.
Fare: 45,000 KRW (approx.) + 8,000 KRW (Incheon Bridge tollgate fee)


Route: Incheon Int'l Airport(AREX) ⇒ Honglik Univ. (Transfer Line No.2) ⇒ Eljiro 1(il)-ga station (EXIT 8)
Journey Time: 70min.
Fare: 4,050 KRW

For more information and to check availability, please visit Korea Tourism Organization: From Incheon Airport to Seoul

From Seoul City Hall to Sejong University

We are planning to operate shuttle buses during the symposium period between the Hotel President and Sejong University. If they are not most convenient for you, other forms of transportation such as subway or taxi are also available.


Route: Eljiro 1(il)-ga station ⇒ Konkuk Univ. (Transfer Line No. 7) ⇒ Children's Grand Park (Sejong Univ.)
station (EXIT 6)
Journey Time: 40min.
Fare: 1,050 KRW


Route: Seoul City Hall ⇒ Sejong University
Journey Time: 35min.
Fare: 11,000 KRW (approx.)


The accommodations listed below are all close to Seoul City Hall and accredited by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

In particular, we have blocked 50 rooms at the Hotel President (marked with * in the list below) with the special price of 165,000 KRW per night (VAT included) for the 9th International Space Syntax Symposium attendees. The same price will be applied to both double and twin rooms, so that it will be more economical if you can share twin rooms with your colleague. Please also note that we can guarantee the availability of these rooms until 30 September. In order to make a reservation, complete the reservation request form and return it to the hotel directly by fax or email.

Hotel (within 15 min. walking distance from Seoul City Hall)

Hotel President*
The Plaza Hotel
The Westin Chosun
Lotte Hotel Seoul
Best Western New Seoul Hotel
For more, Visit Seoul: The Official Tour Guide to Everything Seoul

Innostel (value-for-money stay in Seoul)

Hotel Biz Jongro-Insadong
Hotel the Sunbee
Noble Hotel
Myeong-dong Biz
Myeong-dong Hostel
For more, Visit Seoul: The Official Tour Guide to Everything Seoul

Traditional Stay ('Hanok' - Korean traditional style)

Samcheong Hanok Guest House
Bukchon Guest House
Raon Guest House
For more, Visit Seoul: The Official Tour Guide to Everything Seoul


Seoul Metropolitan Government distinguishes sixteen districts in Seoul (see the image below), with which you can get start to enjoy ancient history, traditions, cuisine, and trendy culture of the city. First, the central area (No. 01-06) boasts a combination of traditional and modern culture with the ancient palaces of the Joseon Dynasty surrounded by modern high-tech buildings. Second, there is an area called Shinchon (No. 07-09) symbolising Korea's youth and artistic spirit with a number of trendy marketplaces and uniqueness of indie culture and clubs. Finally, you may visit Gangnam area (No. 13-16), south to Han River, to find the most vibrant hot spots filled with business offices as well as luxury shopping streets, restaurants and cafe packed with people, day and night. For larger maps and detailed descriptions of the districts, click here.

(source: www.visitseoul.net)

Seoul city tour that is being planned by the Organising Committee as the event on 1st November will focus mainly on the most central areas (No.03-05) of Seoul. Detailed course is not yet fixed, but we will consider to choose a series of places that are most distinctive in their historical and architectural merits.

For more information on sightseeing, we suggest you to visit Visit Seoul: The Official Tour Guide to Everything Seoul.