Seoul Urban Design 2013 International Ideas Competition
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Date 2013-08-05 오전 10:36:07 Hit 6468
Title The announcement of the 1st round evaluation result

Dear entrants,

We are happy to make an announcement that the jury has finished the first round evaluation and selected the final list and the list of “accepted”. 

We had 361 teams from 33 countries at the registration phase. 200 works from 22 countries were submitted for the first round evaluation. Out of 200 works, 10 are selected for the "final list" and 14 for the list of "accepted". The details of the list are at the bottom.

The evaluation of 10 teams on the final list will be conducted through the open presentation on October 31, 2013 at Seoul City Hall. The organizing committee will send an email to each team on the final list and accepted.

We appreciate all your supports for the competition. You are welcomed to attend the final presentation and critiques, and lectures of Mr Dominique Perrault, Chair of the Jury, and Professor Bill Hillier on October 31, 2013 at Seoul City Hall. Also, the exhibition will be held at the Seoul City Hall concurrently. You can find the detailed information at the website ( later.

The title of project (the names of team members) of 10 works for the "final list" are:

- Dynamic Urbanism - Green Line (Shu Kuei Hsu, Youngsuk Jun, Janice Chen)
- GREEN CUBE - urban incubator (Taejun Yoon, Minho Lee, Junhwan Choi)
- Programbar Forest (Kyung In Kang, Jae Yoon Yim, Do Hyun Kim)
- Jemulpo-gil as Agency of Urban Integration (Jinhyun Jun, Minkyung Song, Kangil Ji)
- Responsive Unity Park (Jihak Hong, Dessen Hillman)
- We do not Design this Park (Hyunseok Yang, Hwanbee You, Minkyung Choi)
- HUNET CITY (Eongdoo KIM, Jin-hyuk Cha, Yonghyun Ahn)
- URBAN RECOMBINATION with urban agriculture (Hyunjin Yoo, Jinho Park)
- UPTOWN BOULEVARD (Nayoung Kim, Heewon Lee, Sueran Hong)
- URBAN WEAVE PROJECT 2013 (Sol Kim, Jin Hyung Lee, Byung Woo Ahn)

The title of project (the names of team members)  of 14 works for the "accepted" are:

- SKYLINE SPOTLIGHTS (Ana Cristina Ayala, Eva Ramos, Daniel Moreno)
- URBAN PLAY & PARK CELL (Boyeon Lee, Minju Shin, Jimin Park)
- URBAN IN-FORMATION (Jisoon Yim, Seungchul Woo, WooSun Choi)
- UN-BROKEN PATHWAY (Woongyeun Park, Karam Kim, Youree Hong)
- Yangcheon Hills (Piotr Kasprzyk, Jakub Kacprzak)
- The Bounce-cape (Jaehyun Kim, Kwangmin Lee, Hyunggyu Kim)
- Return to Nature (Ju Seok Park, Hyunki Yoo) 
- Say "Hello" to your new NEIGHBORHOOD (Yuna Yi, Suebin Kim)
- SCENERY belong with SEQUENCE (Yunwoo Na)
- Open Red Carpet (Sanghoon Hong, Yonghyun Kim, Yujin Kang)
- Cross Community on Green (Jun Sik Lee, Dae Yeon Kim, Woo Sung Jang)
- Integral Platform (Seok Young Na)